Montize Video Content Over IP

There is a key to success for monetizing video content on TV and via IP.
Valid data is the solution. As IP connected devices (Mobile, PC, Tablet, Smart TV, HbbTV) will be able to collect the data regarding the user behaviour, it is just a matter of technology, and of course innovation and a kind of open minded attitude in the advertising industry to find a new vein of gold.
Regarding the audience this could be fun. If I don‘t drink beer, I do not get all these alcohol ads. And kids should not see advertisings for adults.
And if I just bought a car I‘m normally not interested in another one, but maybe I need some snow tyres or a roofbox for the winter.

Following this the cookie technology will die sooner or later, and will be replaced by a new smart data engine. Much more valuable data will be generated over IP as a base for the distritbution of programmatic video ads on any of my IP connected devices.

And once again: There is a better way than just deliver the ad on the big TV screen. In a smart TV world the ad will be delivered on the 2nd screen (my tablet, mobile, smart watch), along with additional data about the product or service. Interact and communicate using my social media channels (vote, comment, recommend, etc.), the engine could recommend a shop nearby, I can purchase online or even reject the ad. Even that is a valuable information for the data engine. However, there is of course a great challenge protecting this data and prevent it from malpractice which is the most important point. If the customer does not have confidence in the provided service it will not be succesful.
So, providing confidence is the key to a satisfied customer.

Kids are using the second screen!

Today our 9 year old son Paul was allowed to watch the Champions League game on Free TV. As a great soccer fan he always wants to know everything about every game played. When we had Sky the CL conference broadcast was his favourite programme and he really wasn‘t amused when we decided to cancel the contract with Sky, Anyway, today I saw him sitting in front of the TV with his NIntendo 3DS, complaining that he wants to go online to check all the other intermediate results of todays Champions League matchday. Finaly he was succesful and satisfied.

So, thinking about the second screen and kids. Is it a good idea to provide full internet access to kids? I think most people will say „no“ which is absolutely right! Following my thoughts in other articles there is only one way.
The TV set is still the main Screen at home for watching great TV events. There will be a second screen which will work as remote control for the TV programme. provding additional information and related content to the programme. But also advertising and social media tools. Nevertheless it also the screen for interactive services, games, and polls.

The second screen must be personalised. Depending on who is sitting in front of the TV he needs to login and his TV content services will be enabled. This is trivial for adults as they will have access to all contents and services. But for kids and parents  it is interesting and important. Parents can customize the screen for the kids with regards to:

- Age rating
- Available Channels
- Time of use (e.g. 1 hour per day)
- Online access
- Available apps and services

So, Paul would be happy if would hve someting like this. For his usecase it would have been like this:
Watch ZDF starting at 20:15, change programme during halftime to KIKA, send goal alerts to the second screen including short video clips showing how other teams scrore during the matchday. He would love it!

And finally, a parent alert: Paul go to bed! you have to go to school tomorrow!
Good night!

I Love My Apple TV

I love my Apple TV! This little black box changed the way how to use the TV Set in our living room. First of all, it is small, and some kind of smart. Installation is easy and if apple products are part of the household the fun can  begin. I can watch movies out of my iTunes library on my TV, can connect the iPad or the iPhone with my Apple TV and much more.

The thing is I have control over my programme with this little black box and since Watchever is part of the Apple TV menue the kids can watch their favorite series whenever they want. And that‘s the point: It‘s just „kind of smart“, not really: I can‘t record programmes. Sure, record programme is really  old fashioned. Nearly every TV broadcaster in germany has its own mediathek. And depending on the rights I can watch my favorite programme whenever I want. But the quality of those services is really different. If good, it is fun to stream the programme from the iPad or the iPhone to the Apple TV Box. But in this case the device is blocked, no 2nd screen action would be available.

So, there is something good and something missing. Good is my „old“ TV is connected to the internet now. On demand service like Youtube, Watchever or the good old iTunes store are now on my TV. I can even control or stream programme with my iPad or iPhone, witch is good.

What is missing? The master device, which controls my programme, on demand services and my social media activities. Which is giving me advice about programmes I like and recommends programmes I might like. The master device that is pushing personalized advertising and message on the screen. But NOT on my TV if I don‘t want it! All personalized services and social media activity will have their home on my master device, some would call it the 2nd screen, I call it my phone ;) This is the future in TV and online experience!

But until this is the case I will love my Apple TV!