Montize Video Content Over IP

There is a key to success for monetizing video content on TV and via IP.
Valid data is the solution. As IP connected devices (Mobile, PC, Tablet, Smart TV, HbbTV) will be able to collect the data regarding the user behaviour, it is just a matter of technology, and of course innovation and a kind of open minded attitude in the advertising industry to find a new vein of gold.
Regarding the audience this could be fun. If I don‘t drink beer, I do not get all these alcohol ads. And kids should not see advertisings for adults.
And if I just bought a car I‘m normally not interested in another one, but maybe I need some snow tyres or a roofbox for the winter.

Following this the cookie technology will die sooner or later, and will be replaced by a new smart data engine. Much more valuable data will be generated over IP as a base for the distritbution of programmatic video ads on any of my IP connected devices.

And once again: There is a better way than just deliver the ad on the big TV screen. In a smart TV world the ad will be delivered on the 2nd screen (my tablet, mobile, smart watch), along with additional data about the product or service. Interact and communicate using my social media channels (vote, comment, recommend, etc.), the engine could recommend a shop nearby, I can purchase online or even reject the ad. Even that is a valuable information for the data engine. However, there is of course a great challenge protecting this data and prevent it from malpractice which is the most important point. If the customer does not have confidence in the provided service it will not be succesful.
So, providing confidence is the key to a satisfied customer.