HbbTV New Standard – new Visions?

Since 2010 there is a new standard for TV sets called HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV). This means that all TV Sets delivered in Europe (besides the UK where MHP is the choosen solution) will have access to the internet following the HbbTV standard. Some facts about this issues:
In Germany we have 4,5 Million HbbTV sets. It is expected that 23 Million HbbTV sets will have been sold in 2015.
What does this mean for the viewer? What can he do with his brand new TV Sets? Given the fact, that there is a connection to the web he can do everything, theoretically.
There will be access to the media centers of TV broadcaster, take part in polls and quiz shows in real time is possible, getting more information about a TV Show or having access to my social networks and my favorite websites and shopping pages, use interactive services and get personalized advertising on his TV screen would possible now!
Very nice, but, It won‘t work like this! First of all the good old „red button“ which is established as the trigger for interactive TV services in the UK and ASIA since more than 10 years, is not the kind of innovation the customer will follow. It‘s old fashioned! Even if this is a standard in the UK since years, we need to ask the question why this „dinosaur“ was raised to life by the HbbTV consortium again?

Up/Down Left/Right and OK is dead

And another important point: The classic remote control with  up/down left/right and OK navigation is not the tool to control websites, use search engines or write social media messages.
It is to complicated to use, customers won‘t like it and won‘t use it! So, if the new standard should work for the mass market there needs to be some more work done.

The solution is easy. We just need to open our eyes, sit down in front of a school, in the underground or a bus and look at young people, how they use their smartphones. Watching videos, writing messages, playing games, taking pictures and videos or doing the shopping (sometimes they also use it for a phone call). This is common behaviour, this is the screen which has become a part of the kids life. And this is the only way to keep HbbTV alive and make it a future innovation.

Learn from the kids

There must be a second screen, a tablet or the smartphone which controls my HbbTV at home.  This is a smart TV solution! The second screen controls the TV, all writing and searching action will be done on this screen. Further information, advertising and my social media activities will not affect the programme on my TV.
This is a smart solution with a lot of possible showcase and applications.

HbbTV is good, it was about time to get the web in the living room, but it is not smart if we do not connect the second screen with the TV!

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