Kids are using the second screen!

Today our 9 year old son Paul was allowed to watch the Champions League game on Free TV. As a great soccer fan he always wants to know everything about every game played. When we had Sky the CL conference broadcast was his favourite programme and he really wasn‘t amused when we decided to cancel the contract with Sky, Anyway, today I saw him sitting in front of the TV with his NIntendo 3DS, complaining that he wants to go online to check all the other intermediate results of todays Champions League matchday. Finaly he was succesful and satisfied.

So, thinking about the second screen and kids. Is it a good idea to provide full internet access to kids? I think most people will say „no“ which is absolutely right! Following my thoughts in other articles there is only one way.
The TV set is still the main Screen at home for watching great TV events. There will be a second screen which will work as remote control for the TV programme. provding additional information and related content to the programme. But also advertising and social media tools. Nevertheless it also the screen for interactive services, games, and polls.

The second screen must be personalised. Depending on who is sitting in front of the TV he needs to login and his TV content services will be enabled. This is trivial for adults as they will have access to all contents and services. But for kids and parents  it is interesting and important. Parents can customize the screen for the kids with regards to:

- Age rating
- Available Channels
- Time of use (e.g. 1 hour per day)
- Online access
- Available apps and services

So, Paul would be happy if would hve someting like this. For his usecase it would have been like this:
Watch ZDF starting at 20:15, change programme during halftime to KIKA, send goal alerts to the second screen including short video clips showing how other teams scrore during the matchday. He would love it!

And finally, a parent alert: Paul go to bed! you have to go to school tomorrow!
Good night!