What Will Be Smart About TV?

Today and in the future new TV sets will have access to the internet. This could be the start for a new TV experience. The question is how does the fact to have a TV set connected to the internet influence the consumer? Will there be a new TV experience? And how does it look like? Only more programmes and YouTube enters the living room? Will I use my TV like a personal computer? Is this the end of linear TV? What about on demand content? Will VOD be the future?
The answer to all this is no! There will be a change but it will be different from everything what the business creatives do expect. People change their behaviour and common habbits very slowly, that‘s a fact. We are not talking about the small group of early adaptors. This is about the mass-market.
In nowadays the TV set is the middle of the house, the appartment or a single room. It‘s like the fireplace in ancient times. People sit and watch and talk at the fireplace. Talking about classic TV, consumer habits have changed. Face to face communication did decrease because of a demographic aspect that many people are living on their own. In families kids have their own TV, PC or Laptop.
Watching TV can be a lonely thing. Communication starts may be the next day. Did you see this? How did you like it?  So, watching classic TV was a road with no return. No chance to restart my favorite programme if I‘m late at home. VHS and HDD Recorder did help, but I had to keep in mind that I want to record my favorite show and programme the my HDR. No chance if I‘ve been not at home. A remote for my HDR which I can use wherever I am was not available.
Today the opportunities we have with the internet and especially with our mobile web devices is about to change this. Twitter and facebook will be used to comment on programmes. And both are fighting for the pole position to be the favorite ominous second screen.
This blog is about TV, the web and mobile and how TV consumption will change. It is also about communication and society. Classic TV and next generation TV. In the text above there are so many keywords worth to discuss.  At the end there is only one question left: What was Steve Jobs thinking when he was talking about a complete new TV experience?

It‘s time for new visions!